My clients always ask me what they should wear for their portrait or family photo session 


Here are a few tips:

When considering what to wear, solid colours tend to work best so that all the attention is on you and your family and not your clothing. When deciding what to wear family members need to dress the same for the season and to colour coordinate their clothing. That doesn’t mean you have to wear the same colour, just as long as they don’t clash.

Saying that, – A Family Portrait Session with everyone in White T-Shirts and jeans looks GREAT.

When considering what to wear, Patterns, Logos and Characters should be avoided.  All of these take the eye away from the subject, Which is you. You should wear clothing that makes you feel wonderful, confident and comfortable. It’s best to have the children in clothing that they feel comfortable wearing.

If you need formal images, it’s best to bring the clothing with you for them to change into when those pictures are ready to be taken. Accessories like – wellies, sun glasses, earrings, necklaces, scarves and small favourite toys of the children can be great props.

One more thing to consider when deciding what to wear – If you want to order a Framed Print for a certain room, like your living room, you need to consider the décor of that room and what colour clothing would look the best.


Below are some ideas to help you decide what to wear to your session to help colour coordinate your outfits.


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